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Turning Dreams into Dazzling Realities

Unleashing the Magic of Spectacular Events with Our Unrivaled Services

At Dazzled by Angie Michelle, we remind you that orchestrating a memorable event doesn't have to feel like juggling a dozen flaming torches. Let's paint a picture where your only job is to sit back, relax, and bask in the applause.


Step into the realm of Dazzled by Angie Michelle, where your vision isn't just understood but respected and transformed into a remarkable event. Our process begins with carefully understanding your aspirations. Then constructing a practical yet impressive budget, making every dollar count.

We deliver an event experience that is exceptional and flawless. We manage all the details, sparing you the ordeal of coordinating with multiple parties. You are assigned a dedicated representative to streamline communication and ensure smooth operations.

Our all-encompassing coordination services include:

● Devising a strategic blueprint for your event.
● Managing layout and logistics to optimize space and flow.
● Crafting, printing, and mailing elegant invitations that make a statement.
● Ensuring timely and efficient event booking.
● Creating a captivating decor and ambiance that reflects your style.
● Curating food & beverage menus that delight every palate.
● Arranging professional wait staff to attend to your guests.
● Providing security services to ensure a safe environment.
● Organizing engaging games and activities.
● Handling audio/ video requirements for impeccable presentations.
● Arranging for DJs, music & entertainment that set the mood.
● Sourcing exquisite cakes & pastries from premier bakers.
● Assembling delightful goodie bags as a thank you to your guests.
● Planning special arrival and departure logistics for a seamless experience

In addition, we prioritize inclusivity, accommodating guests with special physical abilities and dietary restrictions to ensure their comfort.
At Dazzled by Angie Michelle, we aren't merely coordinating an event but orchestrating an unforgettable experience. Let us empower your vision with profound expertise, infusing confidence and trust in our professional services. We handle the ‘nuts and bolts', so you can relish the journey and the big day.

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Planning & Design

Embrace the precision and dedication of Dazzled by Angie Michelle in meticulously planning and designing your event. We begin by generating a comprehensive outline and summary, providing a bird's eye view of your event, and setting crystal-clear expectations at every stage.

We work on floor plans that optimize the utility and aesthetics of the space, which require your approval, ensuring you are part of every significant decision. We provide detailed visuals of rented items and attend to all special requests. By investing our expertise in your dream, we aim to minimize uncertainties and surprises. Considering the unpredictable nature of weather, we develop robust alternative plans, factoring in all potential scenarios. These are openly discussed with you in the lead-up to the event because, at Dazzled, we don't just plan for perfection; we also prepare for the unexpected.
We maintain and adhere to clear policies and procedures for a seamless planning and design process. We encourage you to explore these to understand our commitment to transparency and professionalism.


At Dazzled by Angie Michelle, we operate with the precision of a well-oiled machine and the
diligence of a bank safeguarding your funds. Our Planning & Design services stand as a testament to our promise of reliability and professionalism, embedding trust and confidence in our clients. Allow us to design your dreams, plan your joy, and manifest an event that stays etched in memory forever

Full Service

Picture an event planning experience where you hold the reins but without the burdens that come with it. Our Full-Service package offers the ultimate stress-free event planning experience. From brainstorming creative ideas to executing the event day logistics, we manage everything while keeping you in the driver's seat. Kick the worries of event planning to the curb and relish in anticipation of your upcoming event.


We'll immerse ourselves in your vision, bringing our expertise to create an unforgettable celebration that mirrors your desires. With Dazzled, the path to your dream event is filled with joy, excitement, and no trace of stress.

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